After receiving requests and demands for affordable prescription sports eyewear Kontor was founded to fill the gap in the UK sports market. Kontor is founded on the moto Stronger by Design, our aim was to source the best quality in sports eyewear and make it affordable for people who need prescription lenses. 

Our lenses are all made of the top optical material and our frames from TR90 Polymer with style and colour a must in any sport our designs and shapes that are next to none. 

Our prescription lenses are all dispensed in-house and our turnaround is in under 5 days to your door, promising you the highest quality glazing in the UK. Limitations are a thing of the past we have made sure our lenses inserts attach to even the most stylish frame shapes offering you a full wrap around frame with a prescription lens. Our sports specific sunglasses are designed with all sports in mind and our lens options also reflect our passion for sports knowing what you need for each individual sport.


  • Customer satisfaction is met from the off

  • Best and most durable materials are used 

  • Full protection from UVA & UVB is given

  • Modern and innovative shapes keep you feeling the comfort


Moulded from TR90, a thermoplastic polyamide. TR90 sunglass frames are lightweight, extremely flexible yet super strong with 100% memory allowing the frames to bounce back to their original shape.


Our Revo lenses harness the latest technology to create a lens that protects, enhances, and improves the way we see the world. We use lightweight polycarbonate material for our base, and then apply a series of unique coatings to the front and back of the lens to maximize protection and performance.


Our strong inserts made from same TR90 material our sunglasses are made from ensuring durability from breakage which is a big concern with insert based sports sunglasses.